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#S198 Cherry bomb

 ::Backdrop ::

Cherry bomb  Ninety

 ::What I Wore  ::

Hair Roslay NYNE / MP At Spring Flair

Head Baby Face GENUS Project

Lipstick SpringFling [MJN] At Spring Flair

Choker Alani (Bronze) Haus of Banks / MP At Unik Event

Bento Rings Spring Candy Crunchers / MP At Unik Event

Nails Flashback Ascendant / MP At Level Event

Body/Hands/Feet Lara Maitreya

Drink & Rose Floral Drink – Rose Hangry / MP At K9

Outfit Alpha SPIRIT / MP

::Partner Wore ♂ ::

Hair  Henrique DOUX

Head: Dino Catwa

Body/Hands/Feet Geralt Signature

T-shirt Titanium Cosmic Dust / MP At Equal10

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