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#S132 The makeup room

#S132 The makeup room


Getting ready for Xmas gift box [C/T, use the gift boxes to pack your gifts for the SL friends ] Astralia / MP At  TANNENBAUM

My Corner Gacha [ complete set]  MICHAN / MP At The Gacha Garden

ANIMA [Cologne & body care /Makeup /Purse with stuff /Rosas /Cat headphones / Winter tote bag /Golden chair / Sleepy lapin / Paneled wall photocall] – Ionic / MP

La Haciendita [Los botecitos colgantes / La plantita de AloeVera /Interior plant] Ionic / MP

Once Upon a Time [Enchanted Rose RARE] SPELL / MP

A forest tale [Butterflies towards the sun] SPELL / MP

Rainbow Neon Lights +Half-Deer+ /...

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