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#S138 Preparing for Xmas

#S138 Preparing for Xmas


Grow your own Christmas tree [ Interact with the plant by clicking it once per day in order to make it slowly grow ] Astralia / MP At Uber

winter decor [ lighted rabbit | peppermint cane red | path lights | string lights ] Dust Bunny

Juniper Hedge – Seasonal Apple Fall

Farrow Garden Wall with Door Apple Fall

Basic Stringlights – Rainbow +Half-Deer+ / MP


Evoca Go&See / MP

:: What I Wore ::

Hair Sweetma\ Donuts Tableau Vivant / MP At The Arcade

Head Catya Catwa

Bright Lights LODE

Body/Hands/Feet Lara Maitreya

Scarf/ Mitts Rainbow Raccoon Sweet Thing / MP

Outfit Helga Dead Dollz At Uber

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