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#S154 So windy

#S154 So windy

::What I Wore {Left Model}::

Hair/ Hairbase Coily Tableau Vivant / MP At Uber

 Head Baby Face GENUS Project

Lashes Yoan MICHAN / MP At Sanarae

Eyes  Glossy The Face MP At Dubai Event

Blush  Rosa MICHAN / MP At Vanity

Bangles Parisa  LaGyo / MP At Vanity

Top Metallic bandage TETRA / MP

Necklace Bree Amias/ MP

Nails Midnight Call Ascendant / MP At Vanity

Footwear Willow Candy Doll / MP At Dubai Event

::Partner Wore {Right Model} ::

Hair/ Hairbase Indoor/Outdoor Tableau Vivant / MP At C88

Head Catya Catwa

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#S151 Be your own kind of beautiful

#S151 Be your own kind of beautiful

::What I Wore::

Turban Haya Eliya.K  / MP At Vanity

Head Baby Face GENUS Project

Lashes Yoan MICHAN / MP At Sanarae

Eyes  Glossy The Face MPAtDubai Event

Blush  Rosa MICHAN / MP At Vanity

Lipstick Pudding MUDSKIN At Powder Pack Dec

Skin  Candy (Tropic) Go&See / MP  At Powder Pack Dec


 Collar Iside Swallow /...

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#S146 Fun, Party time

#S146 Fun, Party time


Instagram Background *3* -BLACK  MINIMAL / MP


Ohh my Christmas Cake DaD DESIGN / MP At The Epiphany

Champagne party balloons Astralia / MP At Kustom9

Grow your own Christmas tree [ Interact with the plant by clicking it once per day in order to make it slowly grow ] Astralia / MP At Uber

Bonnie Heel Chair Figure 8 / MP

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#S144 Keeping it candid

#S144 Keeping it candid


Muffin stool Astralia / MP {Group gift}

Whimsical topiary trees | (Yule star [ is hunt item for 5L]) Raindale / MP At Winter’s Hollow event

Dog Carrier Scruggles Red RARE & The Yorkie V2 Red [Black Bantam] / MP At Vanity event

::What I Wore ♀ ::

Hair & band Aimi Wasabi / MP At Busan

Head Baby Face GENUS Project

Necklace Vesta...

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#S133 So high

#S133 So high


Venicia BellePoses / MP At Vanity event

 ::What I Wore ♀ :: {In Blue}

Head Baby Face GENUS Project

Hair Faith  Tableau Vivant / MP At C88 

Body/Hands/Feet Lara Maitreya

Dress Alexa  Giz Seorn/ MP At Tres Chic

Footwear Nebula  Candy Doll / MP At FaMESHed

::Partner Wore ♀ :: {In Red}

Head Classic Face GENUS Project

Hair Amias . Valentina Opale / MP At Vanity event

Body/Hands/Feet Isis Belleza

Dress Heidi AMISAR At Vanity event

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